Fire Damage

Fire & Smoke Damage⁣

Our Staff is  trained to assess each fire and smoke damaged property to determine what approach is needed to mitigate further damage

Processing a fire or smoke damaged property can be very time consuming and in turn, expenses can add up quickly. We have processed hundreds of residential, commercial and industrial fire losses over the years and this has led to the development of procedures and techniques that ensure work is completed as efficiently as possible and with cost-saving measures.⁣

Whether it is a light soot cleaning or a large deodorization and material removal job, NHC will provide you with a solution to get the work done right the first time, to avoid costly callbacks due to odour complaints once reconstruction is completed.

Types of Odors (Fire & Smoke) ⁣

PROTEIN: Usually a result of burnt meat, flesh or poultry. Results in a residue covering all affected areas and requires a thorough cleaning.⁣

SYNTHETIC: Usually results from burnt plastics, rubber, vinyl and other man-made products. 

NATURAL: Usually results from burnt lumber, other types of wood and paper. Residue can be between gray and black and settles in the form of a powder. 

Types of Damage (Fire & Smoke)

Dry Smoke: Caused by a fire burning rapidly and at high temperature. Usually creates a powdery ash residue.

Wet Smoke: Caused by a slow-burning fire or a low temperature “smoke fire”. Usually leaves a sticky residue that spreads easily. This type of disaster is accompanied by a pungent odor.

Protein: Caused by burning meat or poultry. A type of disaster not easily approved for cleaning because the residue is virtually invisible. Don’t let this fool you! This residue can discolor paint, varnish and the finish of fixtures. Not to mention that if it isn’t cleaned well, the smell will stay.

Fuel Source: Caused by igniting fuel, most often due to backwash from a furnace. This distributes soot throughout the residence, resulting in major damage and a difficult clean up.

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